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Underground Railroad Descendants Legacy

Underground Railroad Memorial Monument Detroit Windsor

International Gateway to Freedom

Dr. David Milburn, Astronaut Ed Dwight

Astronaut Ed Dwight: Flight Surgeon Dr. Lewis Milburn was deputy director of Aerospace Medicine (Astronaut Dr. Mae C. Jemison NASA Medical Science tradition) when Dwight became the first Black astronaut trainee at N.A.S.A. during the John F. Kennedy Presidency. A generation later, Dr. David Milburn and Sculptor Ed Dwight standing in front of Dwight's "magnum opus" Underground Railroad Memorial Monument on Detroit's riverfront Hart Plaza. Before a capacity crowd of Underground Railroad descendants participating in the Underground Railroad Families Historical Society's "Memorial Ceremony", dignitaries (Mayor Dennis Archer, Aretha Franklin) and descendants placed memorial wreaths of remembrance (Anniversary Celebration) at the riverfront Detroit- Windsor Underground Railroad Memorial Monuments.After the 1993 completion of Dwight's Underground Railroad Battle Creek Memorial,Dr.David Milburn was instrumental in facilitating the concept of Detroit Windsor riverfront Memorial Monuments.

Windsor Ontario Tower of Freedom

Underground Railroad Descendants sisters Windsorites Marie Thompson-McCurdy (Dr. George W.F McCurdy) and Ada Thompson Milburn (Dr. Lewis H. Milburn) review Windsor Ontario Tower of Freedom Underground Railroad Monument.

Charles H. Wright Museum Underground Railroad

From the very beginning of enslavement, Native Americans were the First to come to the aid of Runaway Slaves. Initial Underground Railroad concept of escape routes,trails,sanctuaries,networks,logistics,and code words out of necessity were created by Native Americans and Escaped Slaves.Chiefs Pontiac,Tecumseh, Wyandotte Tawree, Seminole Osceola, Seminole Wildcat,Red Cloud, Black Hawk and many others protected- sheltered Black Refugees. Due to the inherent human quest for freedom from 1680 to 1840 over 100,000 escaped enslavement.

John Brown Festival Chatham, Ontario

"Milburn Family"

The Milburn Family underground railroad descendants, whose ancestors fought alongside Chief Tecumseh in the War of 1812 and provided a protected sanctuary for the meeting of Frederick Douglass and John Brown at First Baptist Church Chatham, Ontario. This historic meeting helped precipitate the Civil War and Emancipation.

Children of the Dream
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Underground Railroad Descendants

Alpha Phi Alpha Brothers

Underground Railroad descendants Mayor Dennis Archer, Ada Thompson-Milburn family matriarch, and Dr. David A. Milburn share family history at Dr. Milburn's Detroit residence.
Atty.Roderick D. Gillum, Mayor Dennis Archer, Atty. Harry E. Johnson Sr., Coach Tony Dungy
Atty. Roderick D. Gillum board chairman (et. W.K. Kellogg Foundation) and Atty. Harry E. Johnson Sr. president of the Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. Mayor Dennis Archer first African American President Elect of American Bar Association. Paul Robeson grandfather Charles H. Bustill was an abolitionist and U.R. conductor. Underground Railroad descendant Coach Tony Dungy (Jimmy Raye of Light M.S.U. Duffy Daugherty, Quiet Strength) first African American NFL coach to win Super Bowl. Descendant Dr. Yenwith Whitney an elite fighter pilot Tuskegee Airmen and M.I.T aeronautical engineer.

Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Clifton Wharton chairman Rockefeller Foundation, U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, Premier Norman Manley, Premier Sir Edward T. Richards

Romare Bearden (DIA) Quilting Time

Judge Trudy Archer, Dr. Charles and Martha Vincent.
Detroit Institute of Arts Friends of African and African American Art Romare Bearden, Dr. David Milburn, Walter B. Ford II "Quilting Time" Dr. David Milburn served on Detroit Institute of Arts (D.I.A) Founders Junior Council (F.J.C) and Friends of African and African American Art (F.A.A.A.A) boards respectively, chaired Romare Bearden Exploratory Committee, With support of Walter B. Ford II (Board of Trustees Chairman), Romare Bearden became the premier Black artist to have a major seminal exhibit at D.I.A. The collaboration culminated in Romare Bearden's D.I.A. Centennial Project "Quilting Time" a heuristic focus on Black southern. congregational- soldality convergence as illustrated in "Underground Railroad Quilts" during Quilt pattern and codes creation.

Charles H. Wright Museum

Dr. David Milburn was the recipient of Charles H. Wright Museum's coveted "Honored Legacy," chaired the Economic Development Committee during the building of Museum of African American History. Dr. Milburn standing to the left of his mentor's Dr. Charles H. Wright bust, David Smedley's masterpiece. Dr. Wright was a mentor to many in medicine and encouraged noblesse oblige, giving back to the community. Underground Railroad Descendants Dr. Barbara Smith, Dr. David Milburn, Dr. Roberta Wright of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Colonel Lawrence MIllben retired base commander of Selfridge Airbase, and Grace Doss.

Underground Railroad International Legacy:

Canada, Florida-Cuba, Louisianna-Haiti, Mexico

Chief Tecumseh Fort Malden(Mona Stonefish, Trustee Philip Alexander - Amherstburg Freedom Museum) King's Counsel Delos Rogest Davis - Justice Lloyd Dean Essex County, Dr. Howard McCurdy Windsor Ontario, London - Dr. Lauren McCurdy St. Joseph's Hospital, Rev. Cory Milburn Grant AME Church Toronto Canada (Black History Month-Dr. Douglas and Beverley Salmon, Warren G. Salmon, Dr. Howard A Blanchette, Rosemary Sadlier, Kathy Grant Legacy Voices, Gwyneth M. Chapman, OBHS founder Dr. Daniel G. Hill, Nikki Clarke), Natasha L. Henry Emancipation Day: Celebrating Freedom in Canada, York University-Toronto, Andrienne Shadd - Underground Railroad: Next Stop Toronto, Dr. Afua Cooper-Henry Bibb, Thornton and Lucie Blackburn (Toronto-Karolyn S. Frost) house Cecelia Jane Reynolds, John W. Morrison - Cataract House, Fort Erie, Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel BME Church Niagara Falls, Nova Scotia (William Hall-Victoria Cross, Viola Desmond, Dr. George McCurdy, Justice Corrine E. Sparks, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), W.E.B. Dubois Niagara Movement Founded in 1905 in Erie Ontario prototype for NAACP founded 1909 in New York City, Montreal - Rev. Earl Little and Louise Langdon-Little (Marcus Garvey Movement) parents of Malcolm Little "Malcolm X", Rev. Charles H. Este Union United Church of Montreal, Dr. Mary Pattillo-Mccoy "Church Culture as a Strategy of Action in the Black Community", Winipeg Manitoba The Pilgrim Baptist Church (Porter Lee Williams - Fair Employment Practices Act - Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, Dr. June James - President of the College Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba), Chatham-Kent, Ontario Black History Society, Windsor Ontario, Famous Black Canadian Windsorites Windsor Ontario, Flight Surgeon Dr. Lewis H. Milburn Deputy Director of Areo Space Medicine, tenured Professor Dr. Howard McCurdy University of Windsor, Justice Micheline Rawlins and Justice Lloyd Dean University of Windsor School of Law, Dr. Henry David Taylor, (University of Toronto Medical School) chairman Windsor Board of Education, Dr. Cheryl LaRoche “Free Black Communities and the Underground Railroad”, Ontario Black History Society, "The Porter" Canadian Black Train Porters-Order of Sleeping Car Porters (OSCP) first black labor union in North America 1917 (Shawnee T. Jones, Lee Williams, William Harding, Peter Davis, Stanley Grizzle, George V. Garraway) BSCP Porters of CNR and CPR - Professor Cecil Foster's "They Call Me George" TV series "The Porter" coproduced by CBC and BET, "The Porter" Montreal Little Burgundy, (St. Antoine), Toronto Bathurst and Bloor region, London, Windsor-Detroit, Halifax Africville, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Hogan's Alley. Prince Albert - President Society Extinction of Slavery, St. Matthews Episcopal Church Detroit (William Lambert), Dr. William Henry Fitzbutler - Fitzbutler House Medical School University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Oberlin College (Tamika Y. Nunley) Oberlin Ohio, Dr. Mary Pattillo-Mccoy, Milwaukee Wisconsin Colin Kaepernick, Vassar College (Matthew Vassar) NY, Dartmouth College (Rev. Johnathan C. Gibbs) NH, Middlebury College (Alexander Twilight) VT, Dr. Allyson Hobbs - A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in Amercian Life (Harvard University Press), Dr. John Van Salee De Grasse (Jacqueline Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Vanderbilt) Alexander Hamilton, Ida Stover Eisenhower, Babe Ruth, Clark Gable, Denmark Vesey-Emanuel A.M.E. Church Charleston S.C., Rev. Asa Turner - Denmark Congregational Church Iowa, Fort Monroe VA, Melungeons (President Abraham Lincoln, Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley) Appalachia, Fort Pulaski GA., Dr. Jane Landers (Vanderbilt University) Against the Odds: Free Blacks in the Slave Societies of the Americas, Fort Mose - St. Augustine, Chief Osceola Seminole Nation Florida, Louisiana - Haiti (Toussaint Louverture 1798), Dr. Alice Baumgartner (Rhodes Scholar - University of Oxford) South to Freedom: Runaway Slaves to Mexico and the Road to Civil War, Patricia Ann Talley and Candelaria Donaji Mendez Tello, Coahuila Mexico (Roseann Bacha -Garza, Texas-Mexico -Windy Goodloe Black Seminole Underground Railroad (Negros Mascoqos) Bracketville Texas nearby Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery includes 4 Black Seminoles Medal of Honor recipients are buried, Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Center Johns Island South Carolina, President of Mexico Vicente Guerrero 1829, Vicente Riva Palacio, Jose Maria Morelos, Gaspar Yanga), Tony Gleaton Smithsonian Exhibit "Africas Legacy in Mexico"

Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada

Honourable Jean Augustine, Mary Ann Shadd, Artis Lane Hon. Jean Augustine acknowledged the many contributions of abolitionist and suffragist Mary Ann Shadd Cary (Ontario Black History Society - President Natasha Henry-Toronto) during her bust unveiling,Underground Railroad descendant Artis Lane's Mary Ann Shadd masterpiece,in Freedom Park, Chatham-Kent Ontario. Shreve Sisters Photo : Artis, Norma, Carol. Royal Ontario Museum Artis Lane, Rosa Parks, Viola Desmond, Diane Nash, Coretta Scott King Antioch College Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Justice Corrine E. Sparks, Professor Lani Guinier Harvard Law School, Michelle Alexander Stanford Univeristy Law School "The New Jim Crow", Dr. Allyson Hobbs Stanford University - Director of African and African American Studies, Dr. Niede Guidon (University of Paris-Sobonne) prehistoric (100,000 years ago) Africans in Serra De Capivara Brazil, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (Harvard University), Dr. Megan Ming Francis (Princeton University) - Harvard Kennedy School, Dr. Jane Landers Vanderbilt University - the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor, Dr. Mekala Audain (Rutgers University), Dr. Spencer Crew (George Mason University), Dr. Mary Pattillo-Mccoy (Columbia University), Dr. Alice Baumgartner (Oxford University), Dr. Joy DeGruy "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" PTSS, Dr. Sarah-Jane Mathieu (Yale University), Cathy Hughes School of Communication Howard University, Isabel Wilkerson (Howard University) Pulitzer Prize Journalism, Dr. Angela Davis (University of Berlin), President Dr. Paula Johnson Wellesley College, Colson Whitehead Underground Railroad Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Harvard University. Dr. Charles R. Drew McGill University Dr. Howard A. Blanchette, New York Schomburg Center Underground Railroad, Atty. Michelle J. Millben (President Barack Obama White House Staff), Harriet Tubman National Monument Maryland, Robert Stanton - Director of National Park Service (Underground Railroad - Dr. Diane Miller Network to Freedom), Dr. Dwayne S. Milburn (UCLA), Dr. Norweeta G. Milburn (University of Michigan), Mark C. Smith C.P.A. (Michigan State Univeristy), Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), Congressmen Rep. George Thomas (Mickey) Leland-Houston Texas and Rep. John R. Lewis-Atlanta Georgia, Founding NMAAHC director Lonnie G. Bunch III.

Famous Notable Black Canadians

Famous Notable Black Canadians (Historical Influencers) - Toronto Businessman Wilson Ruffin Abbott - First Surgeon Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Rev. Josiah Henson (Dresden and AME Church Hamilton Ontario), First Dental Surgeon Dr. William Kelly - Dr. Patricia Kelly - Teacher Ada Kelly Whitney - Tuskegee Airmen Yenwith Whitney M.I.T. Aeronautical Engineer - Dr. Saundra Whitney Curry, First Flight Surgeon Dr. Lewis H. Milburn - Dr. David Milburn - Dr. Carlyle F. Stewart III, First Base Commander Colonel Lawrence Millben Selfridge Air Base - Rev. Cory Millben Grant AME Church - Lawyer Michelle Millben President Barack Obama White House Legal Staff, Abolitionist Mary Ann Shadd - Dr. Alfred Schmitz Shadd - Artist Aris Lane - Carol Lane McCoo - Adrian Shadd - Charles H. Wright Museum Dr. Roberta Wright - Dr. Barbara Smith - Cathy Adu Peasah, Lt. Governor of Ontario Lincoln Alexander, Honorable Jean Augustine, Governor General Michaelle Jean, Bryan and Shannon Prince - Michelle Robbins - Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, Justice Corrine E. Sparks Weldon Award Dalhousie Univeristy - Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia (Minister W.P. Oliver) - Wrestler Rocky Johnson - Dwayne The Rock Johnson - Viola Desmond - William Hall Victoria Cross, Rev. Richard Preston abolitionist founder of African Baptist Association of Nova Scotia, Dr. George W.F. McCurdy Executive Director of Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, Mayann Francis Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia, Annamie Paul first black leader of a federal party in Canada, Charles Roach civil rights lawyer and Caribana 1967, Lesra Martin crown attorney, first lawyer Abraham Beverley Walker, Mary Matilda Winslow, Emery Barnes, Margaret Best Ontario Cabinet Minister, Devon Clunis Chief of Winnipeg Police, First Senator Anne Clare Cools, Charmaine Hooper Soccer National Team Leader, Osborne Perry Anderson Chatham-Kent took part John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry, London Chapel 1848 African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church - Beth Emmanuel British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Church - Rev. William Harrison - Richard Harrison - abolitionist John Brown - Rev. Josiah Henson London Ontario, Elise Harding - David Executive Director of North American Black Historical Museum, Frantz Benjamin Montreal City Councillor, Lindsay Blackett Alberta's first Black Cabinet Minister, Jennifer Hosten High Commissioner to Grenada, Professor Rinaldo Walcott, Lawyer Robert Sutherland, Chris Spence director Toronto School Board, George Rodgers Mayor of Leduc Alberta, Dr. Lionel Carmant Quebec Deputy Minister of Health, Yolande James Cabinet Minister Quebec, Samuel Oghale Oboh President Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Auto Clay Designer Joseph Thompson, Sir James Douglas Father of British Columbia, Dr. George W.F. McCurdy - Dr. Lauren McCurdy - First Tenured Professor Dr. Howard McCurdy - Lawyer Linda McCurdy, First Chief Surgeon Dr. Douglas Salmon - First Black Woman Toronto City Council Beverley Salmon - Warren G. Salmon (First Friday), Justice Micheline Rawlins honoured chair North American Black Historical Museum, Lucie and Thorton Blackburn - Toronto, Dr. Henry David Taylor, Harriet Tubman, Elijah McCoy Inventor (The Real McCoy), Businessman Michael Lee - Chin, Virnetta Nelson Anderson, Cowboy John Ware, First Female Lawyer Violet King, Eleanor Ruth Collins First National TV Show CBC in North Amercia, Herbert Wilson Collingwood Ontario - Herbert and Yvonne Wilson - Carolynn and Sylvia Wilson - Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum Clarksburg Ontario, U.N. MIT Professor Ronald T. Mclaughlin (Engineering), Professor Emeritus Philip Alexander (Engineering), Actor Richard B. Harrison, First City Finance Director Lawyer Bella Marshall Barden - Sgt. William Marshall highly decorated Vietman War Veteran (Academy Hearts and Minds Documentary), Louis and Sylvia Stark (Enama Stark), Oscar Peterson, Drake, Robert Nathaniel Dett, London Chapel 1848 African Methodist Episcopal Church Rev. William Harrison London Ontario, Lawyer Abraham B. Walker, Ferguson Jenkins first Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, Willie O'Ree (NHL Hall of Fame) - Grant Fuhr (Stanley Cup) - Jarome Iginia NHL All Star - Karl P.K. Subban Olympic Gold Medal, Zanana Lorraine Akande (Ontario Federal Cabinet Minister), Dr. William Kenneth Rock, Dr. Martin Robinson Delany, Montreal Justice Juanita Westmoreland Traore, Yolande James Cabinet Member Quebec.
Influential Notable Black Canadians - Abolitionist Dr.Martin Robison Delany, one of the first Blacks to attend Harvard Medical School (Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Harvard University) settled and practiced in Chatham,Ontario.Dr.Howard McCurdy of Essex County invested in Order of Canada,microbiologist, member of Parliament,and a community activist in the tradition of Dr.George McCurdy (Dr. Lauren McCurdy radiologist St. Joseph's Hospital London Ontario). Dr. William Henry Fitzbutler first Black graduate University of Michigan Medical School (Fitzbutler House) Ann Arbor 1872 settled and practiced medicine with his wife Dr. Sarah Fitzbutler in Louisville Kentucky where he established the Louisville National Medical College, Dr. Sophia Bethena Jones of Chatham was the first Black Woman to graduate (1885) from the University of Michigan Medical School (Fitzbutler Jones Alumni Society) became the first Black Faculty member at Spelman College (founder of Nursing Program) later practiced medicine at Wilberforce University. Stanton Hunton of Chatham confidant of fellow abolitionist John Brown - N.Y. Prosecutor Eunice Hunton Carter (Charles Lucky Luciano) - Stephen L. Carter the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Yale University Law School, King's Counsel Delos Rogest Davis (Justice Lloyd Dean - Windsor Essex County) of Canada, first Black Lawyer appointed King's Counsel (1910) in the British Empire. Dr,Alfred Schmitz Shadd graduated University of Toronto Medical School with Honors 1898. Renowned prairie doctor, educator and coherent politician in the mode of Toronto Deputy Mayor William Peyton Hubbard (memorial scholarship) settled in Saskatchewan.

Dr. William Kelly & Helen Kelly-Thompson

Sandwich First Baptist Church

Dr. William Kelly first Black Canadian graduate University of Toronto's Dental School. Dental Surgeon Dr. Kelly was a World War I military hero. Emancipation Day Celebration at Sandwich First Baptist Church-National Historic Site Windsor, Ontario. 

Hazel Thompson-Gomez & Bishop Joseph Gomez AME Church

Wilberforce Univeristy

Hazel Thompson-Gomez, Bishop Joseph Gomez African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church Wilberforce University Ohio, daughters Eola and Annetta.

Joseph Thompson Auto Clay Designer

Underground Railroad descendant Joseph Thompson auto clay designer was the preeminent auto clay designer of his time. He was born in Essex County Ontario designed Lincoln, Cadillac, German Opel and Studebaker cars. Joseph also worked on several special projects with his friend Walt Disney while teaching and mentoring students at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Elijah McCoy mechanical engineer and inventor Elijah Mccoy Patent and Trademark Office Detroit

Senator Deborah Stabenow with support of Congressman John Conyers named the first satellite office of the U.S. Patent and Trademark office outside Washington D.C. Elijah Mccoy.

Underground Railroad descendant Elijah McCoy born in Colchester,Ontario.Certified in Edinburgh,Scotland as a mechanical engineer.Elijah McCoy holder of 57 patents manifested engineering perfection.Hence the derived term,is it ''The real McCoy.'' 

North American Black Historical Museum’s Amherstburg, Ontario celebrates 30th Anniversary

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Gayle and Ted Brannon

Underground Railroad Descendants Board Chairman Trustee Dr. David Milburn, Dr. Roberta Wright of the Charles H. Wright Museum and Elise Harding-Davis Executive Director North American Black Historical Museum Amherstburg Canada.

Before a capacity crowd of dignitaries and Underground Railroad descendants at the North American Black Historical Museum, 277 King St., Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada, Dr. David Milburn accepted the Imhotep Award posthumously on behalf of his father Dr. Lewis Milburn in recognition of his “mark of excellence “in medicine. During his medical career, Dr. Lewis Milburn received the Medical Humanitarian Medal from Secretary of State Dean Rusk and President John F. Kennedy for his humanitarian work in Africa.

Reception likewise in recognition of Museums 30th anniversary celebrated its rich Underground Railroad Legacy. Museum curator Elise Harding-Davis denoted the Underground Railroad Heritage is acknowledged by many historians and scholars as the movement that played a pivotal role in bringing the civil rights struggle to the forefront of political consciousness, and forever changed the humanitarian concepts of the Western Hemisphere. With the help of Native Americans including Chiefs Pontiac and Tecumseh from 1680 to 1840, more than 100,000 runway slaves escaped from the south to Michigan and Canada. Underground Railroad descendants still live on the Mt. Pleasant Reservation and the Walpole Island Reservation in Ontario.

The War of 1812 marked the unification of Blacks and Native Americans into a powerful military force that prevented the spread of slavery from the United States to Canada. After initial military victory, credence was given to the fact that only the military push of civil war would eradicate slavery in the United States. Detroit and Chatham, Ontario are the locations were abolitionists John Brown, Frederick Douglass and Josiah Henson planned the raid on Harper’s Ferry, Va. Fascinating African global perspective of ancient Kemet (translation Land of the Blacks) was given citing books from Smithsonian scholar Dr. Ivan Van Sertima of Rutgers University visiting Professor at Princeton University, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar ( African Origin of Civilization, Egypt), Dr. Frances Cress Welsing formerly of Howard University Medical School (The Isis Papers, Cress Theory), Dr. Cheryl LaRoche University of Maryland visiting Professor Georgetown University and Dr. Charles Finch III of Morehouse Medical School.

Greeks Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates and Pythagoras were all educated in ancient Kemet (Egypt), Africa. Plato stated, “Compared with the Egyptians, the Greeks are childish mathematicians” Aristotle described the Africans, “The Ethiopians and Egyptians are very black”. The ancient Greek Herodotus, "the Ethiopians and Egyptians have thick lips, broad noses, woolly hair and burnt skin”. Africans were the first builders of monumental civilizations, including the development of writing scripts, sciences, medicine, advanced mathematics, engineering, architecture, astronomy, physics, religion and the fine arts. Imhotep, the father of medicine and architecture, was the worlds first historical genius. Imhotep, eminent architect of the Saqqara Pyramid temple complex forerunner to Pharaoh Khufu’s Great Pyramid.

African religious influences are still present today. Amen was said at the end of the prayers in temples of Amen-Ra and it can still be heard today in churches around the world. Pharaoh Akhenaten, King Tuts father, pioneer of religious monotheism had a profound theological effect on the ancient African Hebrews and Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls). Ancient Hebrews would later send missionaries to the Khazar Empire in Eastern Europe resulting in a large European conversion to Judaism. World’s first religious trinity Osirus father, Isis mother and Horus son dates back to 7,000 b.c. Horus virgin birth occurred on the sun’s Winter Solstice December 25th. When daylight becomes longer hence the child of virgin birth bringing forth illumination. Black statues of Isis and Horus were the Archetype for Madonna and Child. Many of the Egyptian Pharaohs, such as Queen Hatsheput who ruled as Pharaoh and Ramses III sent naval expeditions to the far corners of the earth Expeditions West to Central America Olmecs (Quetzalcoatl), Sumerians (Blackheads), East to India (Buddha) and S.E. Asia (Angkor Wat). The Polynesian Kahuna Religion states that Polynesians originated from the African Nile Valley. With closing remarks Elise Harding-Davis invited guests to view museums Underground Railroad exhibit and tour Canada’s first National Underground Railroad Historic Site, museum’s Nazery A.M.E. Church.

African Diaspora revolts against enslavement include - Gaspar Yanga Mexico 1618, Guyana Berbice Revolt 1763, Toussaint Louverture Haiti 1798, Jose Aponte Cuba 1812, Black Seminole Wars 1817-42, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner Rebellion United States 1831, Jamaica Samuel Sharpe Baptist War 1831-32, British Slavery Abolition Act 1833, Brazil Revolta dos Males Bahia 1835.

Dr. Lewis H. Milburn, Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Air Marshal William Avery Bishop

The legendary Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott became the medical template for doctors of colour. Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott first Black Canadian to graduate from Medical School, University of Toronto 1861. Dr. Lewis H. Milburn McGill University Bachelor of Science and first Black Canadian to graduate from Western's Medical School, 1957. On the advice of his mentor Air Marshal William "Billy" Bishop Dr. Lewis Milburn became the first Black Canadian Flight Surgeon Ada Thompson-Milburn, Dr. Lewis H. Milburn, Lewis B. Milburn, and Geneva Cross- Milburn.

Deputy Director Aero Space Medicine Dr. Lewis Milburn representing the U.S. Air Force at the International European Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine in Rome. During his medical career,Dr.Lewis Milburn received the Medical Humanitarian Medal from Secretary of State Dean Rusk and President John F. Kennedy for his humanitarian work in Africa.

Underground Railroad Families

First Baptist Church Chatham-Kent

Buxton National Historic Site and Museum,North Buxton,Ontario

Honoree late Dr. Lewis Milburn standing in front of First Baptist Church. Dr. Milburn’s ancestors provided a protected sanctuary in Chatham, Ontario for a meeting of abolitionists including Frederick Douglass and John Brown this historical meeting helped precipitate the Civil War and Emancipation. Dr.Milburn toured Buxton National Historic Site Museum,attended several Buxton Labor Day (Underground Railroad Families) Homecomings.

Underground Railroad Descendants cousins Brent Milburn and Cathy Adu Peasah at a Family Reunion Homecoming.

North Star Abolitionists Underground Railroad Domains

Prince Albert - President of Society for the Extinction of Slavery, Lt. Governor James Graves Simcoe Toronto (Ontario Black History Society-founder Dr. Daniel G Hill, Dr. Douglas and Beverley Salmon, Warren G. Salmon, Dr. David Bell, Natasha Henry, Channon Oyeniran, Nikki Clarke) Toronto Canada, Prince Hall Masons St. Paul's A.M.E. Church Hamilton Ontario, Elgin Settlement and Buxton Mission, Bryan and Shannon Prince-historian and curator Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, Buxton "Labour Day Weekend Homecoming" Underground Railroad Families annual Family Reunions, Dr. Bryan and Anna Walls-John Freeman Walls Historic Site, and Underground Railroad Museum Emeryville, Rev. Josiah Henson House Dresden Ontario, Harriet Tubman Salem Chapel B.M.E. Church St. Catharines, University of Windsor Library Underground Railroad, Windsor Dr. Howard McCurdy - Prime Minister Nelson Mandela South Africa, Conservative delegate Geneva Cross Milburn - Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, Judge Pierre - Louis Panet Montreal Quebec, Montreal-Kathy Grant Legacy Voices, Toronto Karolyn Smardz Frost, Ontario Black History Society - Pres. Natasha Henry Toronto Canada, Dr. Lewis H. Milburn, Dr. Howard D. McCurdy, Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center, Sir James Douglas first British Columbia Governor "The Father of British Columbia" encouraged Black Pioneer Families settle British Columbia, Hartwick College (Congressman Isaac Newton Arnold - Emancipation Proclamation and 13th amendment), Southern Counterpart underground railroad to Mexico - Dr. Alice Baumgartner (Univeristy of Southern California) Dr. Andrew J. Torget (University of North Texas) Mexico Dr. Mekala Audain (Rutgers University), Julia Baxter Bates Rutgers University, Dr. Karen Cook Bell (Bowie State University) Md., Julie Dash " Brothers of the Borderland", Dr. Spencer Crew President of The National Underground Freedom Center Cincinnati Ohio, Gullah (Geechee) "Daughters of the Dust" (Beyonce - Lemonade) Library of Congress, Frederick Douglass Statue Washington DC, Congressman George Thomas "Mickey" Leland III, Dr. Patricia Davidson cardiologist, Dr. Tamika Y Nunley Cornell University, Dr. Elizur Deming (Dr. William Mayo) Indiana medical college, Dr. Martin Robison Delany Harvard University Medical School, Michelle Alexander Stanford Univeristy Law School "The New Jim Crow", Dr. Allyson Hobbs - A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in Amercian Life (Harvard University Press), Dr. John Van Salee (Jacqueline Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Vanderbilt) Alexander Hamilton, Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower, Babe Ruth, Clark Gable, University of Virginia College at Wise Dr. Brent Kennedy (Melungeons- President Abraham Lincoln, Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley), John Legend Underground Railroad, descendants Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson, Dr. George McCurdy director Human Rights Commission Nova Scotia, David Walker-Charlotte North Carolina (Queen Charlotte, King Charles Stuart II, Queen Philippa) McGill University (Dr. Charles R. Drew), Bates College (Oren B. Cheney) Maine, Colby College, Bowdoin College (Major General Oliver Howard, Freedmen's Bureau, Howard University), Williams College (Samuel Chapman Armstrong founder Hampton Institute) Massachusetts, Dr. Paula A. Johnson Wellesley College (John and Mary Sawyer) Wellesley, Smith College (Lydia Maria Child, Dewey Hall, Sessions House) Northhampton, Amherst College (Henry Wood Beecher, Robert Purvis), Swarthmore College (Edward Parrish, Joseph Wharton, Lucretia Mott) Pennsylvania, Geneva College, Adrian College (Asa Mahan), Vassar College (Matthew Vassar) New York, Dr. Joy DeGruy (abolition, enslavement PTSS) Dartmouth College New Hampshire, Quakers Laura Smith Haviland Raisin Institute - Dr. Nathan Thomas House Cass County (Cassopolis), Dr. Lewis H. Milburn (flight surgeon) - Dr. Lauren I. McCurdy (radiologist) St. Joseph's Hospital Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Western University London Ontario, Dr. Sophia Bethena Jones (U of M) of Chatham -Kent, Essex County Ontario Black Historical tradition King's Counsel Delos Rogest Davis - Justice Lloyd Dean, Dr. Sarah McCurdy Fitzbutler - Dr. Howard McCurdy Windsor Ontario - Lawyer Linda McCurdy - Actress Leslie McCurdy (Harriet Tubman) -Brian McCurdy CFL, Dr. Howard McCurdy (a founder, first President National Black Coalition of Canada NBCC), Dr. George McCurdy Amherstburg Essex County (Essex County Black Historical Maritime Research Papers), Louis B. Milburn Windsor Bd. of Education, James L. Dunn Public School, Henry Bibb newspaper "The Voice of the Fugitive" and journalist Mary E. Bibb, Mary E. Bibb Park Sandwich Windsor Ontario, Dr. William Henry Fitzbutler, Dr. Sophia Bethena Jones, Joseph Thompson Auto Clay Designer, Colonel Lawrence Millben (Selfridge Air Base Commander) - Atty. Michelle J. Millben (President Barack Obama White House Staff) - Mary Millben (National Anthem)-Gary and Patricia Millben-Love, North American Black Historical Museum honoured chair Justice Micheline Rawlins, Amherstburg Freedom Museum Professor Emeritus Philip Alexander-Dr. Brenda McCurdy - Nneka Allen, Cathy Adu-Peasah, Ferguson Jenkins Baseball Hall of Fame Chatham-Kent, Dr. Henry David Taylor, Alana M. Barden - Atty Bella Marshall Barden - Sgt. William H. Marshall (Academy Award Best Documentary "Hearts and Minds") Windsor Ontario, Bryan and Shannon Prince - historic Elgin Settlement and Buxton Mission, Carolynn and Sylvia Wilson - Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum Clarkburg Ontario, Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost, Harriet Tubman Institute York University Toronto, Rev. Carlyle Fielding Stewart-Dr. Jeane M. Stewart-Naeemah I. Stewart (Film 1967), Empowerment Church, Reginald and Lynette M. Barnes, Tamia Washington-Hill (Grant Hill NBA), Kimberly Simmons (Pres. Detroit River Project), Super Bowl coach Tony Dungy Jackson Michigan, Dr. Patricia Kelly University of Michigan Medical Center Ann Arbor, Birmingham Museum Michigan (George B. Taylor, Eliyah S. Fish) Farmington, (Quaker Nathan Power-Rochelle E. Danquah), Kalamazoo (Dr. Albert B. Cleage Sr. - Rev. Albert B. Cleage Jr. Shrine of the Black Modonna Church), Warren Evans Wayne County Executive, Ypsitlanti (George and Mildred McCoy), Fort Wayne, Judge James E Roberts, and Second Baptist Church Detroit Michigan.

Underground Railroad Descendants cousins Louise Kelly-Smith (Rear Admiral Thomas A. Smith), Dr. Patricia Kelly (University of Michigan Medical Center), Manzella Vincent, Benjamin Vincent of Windsor Ontario, Ada Thompson-Milburn (Dr. Lewis H. Milburn) Family Reunion Homecoming.

Underground Railroad Descendants

Freedom Conductor Award Recipients

Underground Railroad Descendants – museum trustee chairman Colonel Lawrence Millben, Dr. David Milburn, and Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart III Freedom Conductor Award recipients experienced the empowerment while viewing museums ancient Egyptian “Visiting the Royal Family” exhibit, the Underground Railroad artifacts and Historic Nazery A.M.E Church. Toronto Ontario, Niagara Falls Heritage Area, Montreal Quebec, Charles Mitchell - William Jerome (Dr. Lorraine McConaghy) Victoria British Columbia, LaNesha DeBardelaben NAAM executive director Seattle Washington, Milwaukee Wisconsin (Colin Kaepernick), Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims (Pastor Henry Ward Beecher, Harriet Beecher Stowe) New York, Appalachian Mountains Black Melungeon Heritage Area (President Abraham Lincoln, Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley) Owen Brown - John Price-James Monroe Jones (daughter Dr. Sophia Bethena Jones) Oberlin Heritage Center (Tamika Y. Nunley) Oberlin College Ohio, Earlham College (Jeremiah Cox, Levi Coffin) Richmond Indiana, Attorney Michelle Millben Georgetown University, NovaScotia Justice Corrine Sparks-Weldon Award, William Lambert (Rev. Ricksford Meyers, Dr. Majorie Peebles-Meyers, (Dr. Richard E. Smith) St. Matthews Episcopal Church Detroit (Fred Hart Williams Genealogical Society Detroit Public Library) were North Star Underground Railroad Destinations. Southern Destinations Florida Black Seminoles Chief Osceola Seminole Nation, Dr. Jane Landers Vanderbilt University - Florida to Cuba, Mexico Presidente Guerrero (1829), Dr. Alice Baumgartner: "South to Freedom: Runaway Slaves to Mexico and the Road to Civil War", and Candelaria Donaji Mendez Tello - Texas to Mexico.

Atty. Coral Watt, Dr. David A Milburn, Alivia Watt

First Lady Michelle Obama Sojourner Truth Washington DC

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an inspiring enlighten lecture at the unveiling ceremony of abolitionist Sojourner Truth bust. Underground Railroad descendant Artist Artis Lane (Carol Lane McCoo) was able to complete Sojourner Truth bust masterpiece with the support of Cathy Hughes. The late C. Delores Tucker, chaired The National Congress of Black Women, initiated the fight to include the memorial bust honoring of Sojourner Truth. First Lady Michelle Obama was instrumental placing Sojourner Truth bust in Emancipation Hall, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC. This historic effort paved the way for later statue installation of fellow abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

President Barrack Obama Harriet Tubman National Monument

President Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman, Underground Railroad National Monument Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture President Barack Obama created the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument under the Antiquities Act. President Barack Obama's foresight and historic enactment memorialized Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman. Tubman National Monument located in Maryland (National Park Service) area encompasses Underground Railroad historical landmarks dedicated in honor of abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Pertinent Iconic Inaugural Addressment N.M.A.A.H.C President Obama September 24, 2016.

Tuskegee Airmen

Tuskegee Airmen at Detroit Historical Museum honored underground railroad descendant Colonel Lawrence Millben first black base commander Michigan Selfridge Air Base. Famous Tuskegee Airmen were acknowledged General Benjamin O. Davis Jr, General Daniel "Chappie" James Sr., Charles Alfred Anderson (Elenore Rosevelt), Mayor Coleman Young, Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson (Congressional Gold Medal) and Harry T. Stewart (won inaugural National "William Tell" Top Gun 1949).

Top Gun Award

Lt. Halbert Alexander, Lt. James Harvey, Capt. Alva Temple, and Lt. Harry Stewart pictured here with the First Annual United States Air Force (USAF) Fighter Gunnery Meet First Place Trophy “Top Gun” awarded to Tuskegee Airmen.

Dr. Yenwith Whitney Chairman

Tuskegee Airmen Alfred Cole, William Thompson, and Nate Carr as Underground Railroad descendent Dr. Yenwith Whitney an elite fighter pilot and M.I.T. aeronautical engineer presented Dr. David Milburn with the venerated "Man of the Year" Award for his contributions to medicine and community, noblesse oblige.

Detroit Medical Society Reception

Detroit Medical Society (DMS) founded 1917. Dr. Charles H. Wright emphasized "The National Medical Association Demands Equal Opportunity: Nothing More Nothing Less" with the ardent support of DMS executive board member Dr. Lewis H. Milburn. The Detroit Medical Society in Civic and Social Activities - DMS Online, "The Man and the Museum", Detroit Medical Society sustained the development of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and co-founded initially funded the nation's largest NAACP Dinner Fundraiser - Detroit Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner.

Second Baptist Church Detroit, Michigan

George DeBaptiste, Sojourner Truth

Ada Thompson-Milburn,Dr. Lewis Milburn, John Green, Atty. Sharon Mc Phail, and Dr. David Milburn. Historian John Green acknowledged accomplishments of Underground Railroad Families. Descendants toured the Second Baptist Church.Abolitionist George DeBaptiste church,Second Baptist Church played a commanding role in ameliorating Underground Railroad consummation for abolitionists including Frederick Douglass,Sojourner Truth,and John Brown. Thornton and Lucie Blackburn June 17 1833 Detroit - Essex County Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

Charles H. Wright Museum

Kunta Kinte

Trustee Dr. David Milburn, Janience Mays, John Amos, Guest and Atty Jerome Barney, Actor John Amos honored for his Kunta Kinte role as runaway slave Alex Haley's Roots. North Star Underground Railroad destinations Toronto (Grant AME Church-Rev. Cory Millben) Ontario, Toronto Underground Railroad, Ontario Black History Society-Toronto, Adrienne Shadd, Dr Afua Cooper, and Dr. Karolyn Smardz Frost "The Underground Railroad Next Stop Toronto," Toronto City Councillor Beverly Salmon (ORder of Canada) and surgeon Dr. Douglas Salmon, Windsor (Dr. Henry David Taylor, Professor Emeritus Philip Alexander), Windsor Public Library Underground Railroad, Hamilton (St. Paul's AME Church-Rev. John Christie Holland Prince Hall Masons Plaque), New Brunswick (lawyer Abraham B. Walker, Underground Railroad route Tomlinson Lake, James Arthur Talbot - Elm Hill in Hampstead Parish, Willow Grove Baptist Church, Cornelius Sparrow of Sainte John-Lena O'Ree, New Brunswick Thomas Peters amongst nationhood founders of Sierra Leone Africa), Charlottetown (The Bog) Prince Edward Island, Alberta/Saskatchewan Black Settlers (BSAS) Heritage (ranchers John and Mildred Ware, Dr. Alfred Schmitz Shadd, lawyer Violet King - Amber Valley, Calgary engineer Oliver Bowen, Vimetta Anderson, Eleanor Collins), St. Catharines (Rev. Anthony Burns), Guelph (B.M.E. Church-Heritage Hall), Buxton National Historic Site Museum, Owen Sound (Little Zion BME Church), Montreal Shadrach Minkins, Quebec, Justic Corrine E. Sparks Nova Scotia (William Hall-Victoria Cross, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), African Meeting House Abiel Smith School Boston, Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church Philadelphia, Baltimore (Reginald F. Lewis Museum) Maryland, Paterson N.J., Samuel and Susan Porter Rochester New York, William Ellis - Guillermo Enrique Eliseo - Texas Mexico (Karl Jacoby - Columbia University), Dr. Alice Baumgartner "South to Freedom: Mexico," Underground Railroad Mexico President Vicente Guerrero 1829 (Candelaria Donaji Mendez Tello, Roseann Bacha - Garza), Dred Scott case St. Louis Missouri, August and Henrietta Bondi-Greeley Kansas, Mary Allen-Howell Boone - James G. Birney "The Philanthropist" abolitionist newspaper New Richmond Ohio, John and Mary Richardson Jones house Chicago Illinois, Rep. Isaac Newton Arnold (Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment), Cleveland Ohio. As exemplified by Bishop Richard and Sarah Allen, Prince Hall, Benjamin Franklin, Dr. John van Salee de Grasse (Jacqueline "Jackie" Bouvier Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart), Dr. James McCune Smith, Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Healy Georgetown University, Brown University (Moses Brown) Providence Rhode Island, John P. Parker (Library) house, Lewis and Harriet Hayden house, Thornton and Lucie Blackburn house (Karolyn S. Frost), George Brown Toronto house National Historic Site Canada, Oro AME Church, Justice Micheline Rawlins honoured chair North American Black Historical Museum Amherstburg Ontario, Dr. Brenda McCurdy Amherstburg Freedom Museum, Henry Bibb (Dr. Afua Cooper Dalhousie University ) Frederick Douglass Narrative - Slavery, Resistance, Abolition, Civil War, Emancipation, David W. Blight Yale University ( A Slave No More), Dr. Sasha Turner (Contested Bodies) Cambridge University, Dr. Allyson Hobbs "A Chosen Exile: Passing", Melungeons (President Abraham Lincoln, Ava Gardner, Elvis Presley) Appalachia, Middlebury College (Alexander Twilight) Vermont, Haverford College (Quakers) Haverford PA., Kenyon College (Judge George J. Adams) Gambier OH., AME. Bishop Daniel A. Payne Wilberforce University, Laura Spelman Rockefeller - Spelman College Atlanta Georgia, Fort Pulaski, W.E.B Dubois Fisk University (Black Reconstruction) Samuel Brown Homestead (Caroline Quarlls rescue) Milwaukee Wisconsin (Colin Kaepernick), Joseph Farr St. Paul Minnesota, Barney L. Ford Denver Colorado (Coahuila-Texas Mexico), Charles Hicks Bustill (Paul Robeson), Charles L. Blockson Collection Temple University (Underground Railroad markers), Grinnell College Iowa, Jonathan Blanchard Wheaton College Illinois, Knox College, Rev. William Bradford Dodge , Dr. Alexander Milton Ross, Elijah Anderson, Dr. Alexander Thomas Augusta.

National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Act

President William Jefferson Clinton, Colonel Lawrence Millben, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm
President Bill Clinton signed the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Act to preserve and protect the Underground Railroad. Key Underground Railroad conveyance domains William Still House, First Congregational Church of Detroit (Harriet Beecher Stowe), Buxton Historic Site Museum (Shannon Prince), Warren House Harvard University Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., Josiah Henson House Dresden.

Lux Scientia Veritas

In the Imhotep tradition, legendary Dr. Lewis Milburn transversing the royal celestial arch. The Sphinix and the Great Pyramid symbolic of man's rise to the pure intellectual-spiritual state of illumination. The remarkable Sphinx-Pyramid geometric alignments consisting of precise cardinal points within the star creating Orion Nebula Star System.

Sheffield Park Black History & Cultural Museum

Sheffield Park Black History & Cultural Museum Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada (West of Toronto) curators sisters Carolynn and Sylvia Wilson. Exhibit "Visiting the Royal Family in The African Cradle of Civilization Ancient Kemet (Egypt)." donated in memory of Underground Railroad Descendants Dr. Lewis Milburn of Windsor Ontario, Herbert Wilson of Collingwood, Dr. Sophia Bethena Jones of Chatham, Dr. William Henry Fitzbutler of Amherstburg, Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott of Toronto, Powhatan Beaty - Medal of Honor, Shadrach Minkins of Montreal, lawyer Abraham B Walker of New Brunswick, William Hall-Victoria Cross, Viola Desmond of Nova Scotia, Dr. Alfred Schmitz Shadd of Saskatchewan, and Sir James Douglas "The Father of Britsh Columbia".

Early Black Settlements in Toronto and Hamilton Ontario including West of Toronto, Niagara Falls (Buffalo), and St. Catharine-Owen Sound, Guelp, Oro, Sunnidale, New Lowell, Collingwood, Simcoe, Brantford, Orilla, Barrie, Hillsdale, Penetanquishene, Clarksburg, Grey County, Priceville, Negro Creek, Holland, St. Vincent, Ceylon, Sullivan, Bentwick, Normandy, Syndenham, Derby, Anderson, Dresden, Wallaceburg, Brion, Gambia, Haiti Village, Dawn, Shrewsbury, Little River, Gosfield, the Matthew Settlement, Lakeshore, Refugee Home Society Settlement...


Imhotep, the world’s first historical genius, the father of medicine and architecture, designed the first stone pyramid at Saqqara Pyramid Temple Complex in ancient Kemet – Land of the Blacks (Egypt). By legend, he created the plans for Great Pyramids at Giza to reflect the 3 Star Belt in the Orion Nebula Star System, a universal geometric symbol of creation:”What is above, is below”

Pharaoh Khufu

Pharaoh Khufu built the Great Pyramid-Temple Complex at Giza. It is recognized as the first of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one still standing. The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made building for 4,500 years. Congruently, the enormous African Nile River flowing North from Central Africa to Mediterranean Sea (4,258 miles) dominates and nullifies the Sahara Desert barrier. The Nile River, Africa's cultural nourishing artery stimulates continental transportation, migration, economic trade while systematically creating a continuous rich fertile primordial African Nile Valley. Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was the Nile's golden progeny, an organic architectural manifestation. Pharaoh Khufu ‘’Emperor of the World’’,adhering to Pharaonic tradition, projected his power by sending extensive Naval Expeditions to the four corners of the World. Ships in The Royal Fleet as depicted in Pharaoh Hatshepsuts tomb, were tested by the Naval Institute - designated equivalent to current large oceanic racing yachts in design and speed.

Pharaoh Khafre

This extraordinary black statue of Pharaoh Khafre who built the 2nd pyramid at Giza is indisputably a great sculptural masterpiece. The majesty of its pose, the perfection and the subtle Masonic symbolism of its components parts, make it an ideal manifestation of the Old Kingdom’s theocratic monarchy. By legend, the Great Sphinx was made in Pharaoh Khafre's image, whose power was so complete his Empire stretched from Central Africa thru Southern Europe into India. Pharaoh Khafre was titled revered “Emperor of the World.”

Pharaoh Menkaure

Pharaoh Khafre’s son Pharaoh Menkaure built the third Pyramid at Giza. Pharaoh Menkaure, the ‘anointed one’, was representative of Khristos on earth. Amen,said at the end of prayers in temples of Amen-Ra is still heard today in churches around the world.The 3 Giza pyramids reflect the 3 star belt of the Orion Nebula Star System. Mernkaure,Pharaoh Khufu’s grandson, Shepard the unified pyramid temple project to its ultimate creation. The Brotherhood were custodians of Sacred Geometry, the chain of pyramids were ensemble expressing the supreme knowledge of rebirth thru illumination.

Pharaoh Ramses the Great

Majestic towering Pharaoh "Ramses the Great" wearing the Imperial Ureas Piadem Crown, feared on the battlefield and respected for bringing back the Golden Age ruled ancient Kemet (Egypt) 70 of his 95 years. Ramses II embracing the heka scepter of kingship emblem inherited from Osiris and the powerful wadjet eye bracelet of Horus.

Osiris, Isis, and Horus

World's first religious trinity Osiris father, Isis mother and Horus son dates back to 7,000 b.c. Osiris, Isis and Horus architectural cosmology ruminates in the 3 Great Pyramids cognitive quantum physics. Horus virgin birth occurred on the sun's Winter Solstice December 25th. When daylight becomes longer hence the child of virgin birth bringing forth illumination. Black statues of Isis and Horus were the Archetype for Madonna and Child. Grove of Isis, Temple Para de Isidos, Our Lady, Notre Dame


Osiris god of the deceased, resurrection, and fertility, Ancient Kemet (Egypt) Osiris in funerary texts was depicted and referred to as the "Black One".

Grove of Isis - Black Madonna - Para de Isidos

Black Madonna

The Black Madonnas are all over the world: Vatican, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.


The ancient black Buddha’s origin is traced back to India, yet his philosophical doctrines spread through out Southeast Asia, Tibet, China and Japan. Dr. Godfrey Higgins in his classic text “The Anacalypsis” states "in the ancient temples Buddha is found black as jet, with the flat face, thick lips and Kinky hair of the Negro".

Sumerians (The Blackheads)

The Sumerians called themselves "The Blackheads" (Sag-Gig-Ga). Sir Arthur Keith said that the Sumerians anatomy indicated Dolchocephalism, an elongated skull characteristic predominately found in blacks. Sir Henry Rawlinson decipherment of Sumerian cuneiform texts while utilizing rare erudition denoted Sumerian language was based on ancient Kushite/Ethiopian languages. Sumer civilization includes the Pyramid-Great Ziggurat of Ur, cuneiform tablet-cylinder enigmatic narratives and Sumerian Nippur Library, laid the cultural foundation for later Mesopotamia Tigris/Euphrates civilizations of Babylonia, Chaldea and Assyria.

Olmecs (Quetzalcoatl)

The ancient Olmecs (Quetzalcoatl) built the first pyramids, ball courts, and transmitted hieroglyphic writing scripts, archetype bar and dot numeric system (concept of zero), astronomical calendar, sciences through out Mexico – Central America. The Olmec’s Empire, like Egypt before it, became a “Cradle of Civilization.” The Olmec Kings proudly displayed their Africans features- combination of hairbraids, broad flat wide nostrils, very pronounced prognathism, thick and everted lips. The discoverer of the "Royal Olmec Heads" Mexican archeologist Jose Melgar y Serrano wrote in 1869 "... a magnificent sculpture. But what amazed me most is the Ethiopian type that it represents. I thought that undoubtedly there had been an ancient black presence in this country."

Seven Royal Braids

Seven royal braids worn on the back of Olmec King’s head reflecting the ancient Egyptian Kemet Nile Valley traditional royal geometry of the sacred seven. Archaeologist Dr. Niede Guidon (University of Paris Sorbonne) former researcher at the renown French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) discovered African skeletal remains dating back to 70,000-100,000 years ago at "Sierra De Capivara Brazil." Due to resultant confirmed findings Dr. Niede Guidon emphasizes Africans came by boat to the Americas at least 100,000 years ago.

Royal Olmec King

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (Rutgers University-Visiting Professor Princeton University) asserts a major cultural influence originating in Africa made its way across the Atlantic to Mesoamerica and created this impetus of social hierarchical social organization, construction of monolithic religious and ceremonial centers. Olmec, the mother civilization, whose cultural legacy gave birth to the great Mayan, Toltec, Aztec, and Tajin civilizations.

Pharaoh Amenhotep III

King Tut's Grandparents
Egypt's Imperial Golden Age
Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tye

Pharaoh Amenhotep III ruled ancient Egypt at the height of the Imperial Golden Age. Queen Tye Pharaoh Amenhotep III wife, parents of Pharaoh Akhenaton and Grandparents of King Tut. Queen Tye brought ancient Kemet (Egypt) to its cultural height and creative renaissance. In Laws of Queen Nefertiti and Queen Kiya. Their Royal Heir Pharaoh Akhenaton, the pioneer of monotheism whose brilliant unadulterated theocratic religious conceptual texts echoes verbatim thru eternity - Hymn to Aton (Psalm 104) Khristos.

Pharaoh Akhenaton

Pharaoh Akhenaton Father of King Tut is regarded by scholars as one of the greatest historical figures. Pharaoh Akhenaton was the pioneer of religious monotheism and the first historical Khristos, Dr. Sigmund Freud in his book “Moses and Monotheism” emphasized the tremendous influence Akhenaton had on Moses, the African Hebrew. Ancient Hebrews would later send missionaries to the Khazar Empire in Eastern Europe resulting in a large European conversion to Judaism.

Queen Kiya

Pharaoh Akhenaton’s wife Queen Kiya was the mother of King Tutankhaton. Queen Kiya was titled “great beloved wife of the king.”

Pharaoh Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti

Pharaoh Akhenaton second wife Nefertiti as the mother of Queen Ankhensenaton. Queen Nefertiti was titled “great royal wife”.

King Tut and Queen Ankhesenaton

Relief on Golden Throne of King Tutankhaton and Queen Ankhesenaton. It is considered one of the world's greatest works of art. The love and trust protrayed by the relief is undeniable.

Ancient Khmer King

Ancient Khmer King of Angkor Wat. Chinese historians wrote the Khmers were dark skin, frizzly hair, broad noses and thick lips.Khmer Empire dominated S.E.Asia militarily,economically,and culturally.

Angkor Wat

Magnificent world treasure Angkor Wat, the black Fanan’s Khmer Empire commissioned the construction of stupendous temple-islands and the incomparable temple-pyramid wonder Angkor Wat and Bayon.Khmer Temples are located in Cambodia,Thailand,Loas, and Vietnam.


The Sisters

Khmer Wall relief called ‘’The Sisters’’. Ladies were noted for their cultural insights and healing abilities.The Preah Temple was an ancient renown College of Medicine with its fabled medical botanical gardens and the Neak Poan Hospital.

Polynesian Kings

Polynesian Kings who were noted as the worlds greatest natural oceanic navigators. KaHuna religion states that the Polynesians originated from the African Nile Valley. Navigator Mau Piailug(1976) in the Polynesian Navigating Tradition navigated the vessel Hokule'a 3,000 miles sailing thru open trackless ocean from Hawaii to Tahiti. This warrior's evincible fearless world view mirrored life's primeval journey that resonates in The Art of Surfing, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku (he'enala, se'egala), a male Polynesian "rite of passage". Polynesians navigated to Madagascar,New Guinea,Melanesia,Australs, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand,Fiji,Tonga,Samoa,Tahiti,Hawaii,Easter Island and the Americas.

Polynesian Queens

Polynesian Queens, critical dialectic linguistic peacekeeping-problemsolving role, maintained family links rich cultural tapestry by interweaving the thread of perfected political-economic traditions within and between the’’Polynesian Empire of Island Nations.’’

Charles H. Wright Museum

Ardent museum supporters the late Dr. Charles H. Wright, Dr. David Milburn, and Stephanie Wright. Underground Railroad descendant Dr.David Milburn gave the Charles H.Wright Museum fundraiser at Mayor Coleman A.Young’s Manoogian Mansion. The "North Star Underground Railroad Heritage Legacy" exhibit was the premier exhibit for the opening of Charles H. Wright Museum.

Toronto Ontario, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Montreal Quebec

Underground Railroad Destinations

North Star Underground railroad heritage areas included Toronto Ontario, Niagara Falls Heritage Area, Montreal Quebec, Fort Erie, St. Catharines Hamilton, Oakville, Ingersoll (historian Mary Evans), Owen Sound, Dawn Settlement, Chatham, Buxton National Historic Site Museum, Fort Malden, Windsor, Detroit, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor Michigan, Battle Creek, Milwaukee, Racine Wisconsin, African Meeting House Boston, New York CIty, Ithaca, Buffalo New York, Baltimore, Belmont Mansion Philadelphia,Chicago, St. Louis, Oberlin, Oberlin College, Cleveland, Sandusky, Wilberforce, Cincinnati, Quindaro, Washington D.C., with branches to Kaufman County Texas, Coahuila Mexico, San Francisco, California and Seminole Florida.

African Meeting House Boston, Belmont Mansion Philadelphia

Underground Railroad

Grand Central Stations

Grand Central Stations and abolitionists were instrumental, facilitating and expediting freedoms narrative of emancipation, crucial underground railroad North Star participants not already mentioned comprise the following: African Meeting House - Museum of African American History, Belmont Mansion Underground Railroad Museum, Bishop Richard Allen, Absalom Jones Episcopalian, Prince Hall, Benjamin Franklin, John Wesley Methodist, William Wright Quaker, Abyssinian Meeting House Portland Maine, William Whipper, Stephen Smith, Henry Bibb, William C. Goodridge, Oberlin-Oberlin College, William Still House, Frederick Douglass National Histroic Site, Sojourner Truth Monument Battle Creek, Josiah Henson House Dresden, John Brown House, Mary Allen Pleasant, Mary Ann Shadd Cary House, Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Dr. Richard Eells House, Levi Coffin House, Gabriel Prosser House Historic Site, Harriet Tubman House National Historic Landmark N.Y., John Freeman Walls Historic Site and Underground Railroad Museum, Ward Chipman, Dr. Alexander Milton Ross, Grant A.M.E. Church Toronto Ontario, George Brown Toronto Globe and Mail, Thornton and Lucie Blackburn, St. Lawrence Hall Toronto, Harvard Warren House, Harvard, Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church Princeton, United Church on the Green adjoining Yale University, Robert Purvis House, Josiah B. Grinnell, The Francis Gillette House, Zion Baptist Missionary Church Springfield Illinois, Mt. Zion United A.M.E Church Washington D.C. St. James A.M.E. Zion Church Ithaca N.Y., Denmark Vesey, Wyandot George I. Clark, Dr. Nathan Thomas House, First Congregational Church of Detroit Underground Railroad Living Museum, Mariners' Church of Detroit, Raisin Valley Friends Church Adrian Michigan, Quakers Lucretia Mott and Laura Smith Haviland, Rokeby Museum Vermont, Longwood Progressive Friends Meeting House, Hosanna A.U.M.P. Church Lincoln University, Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims Brooklyn N.Y., William Lloyd Garrison, William Labert, Wendell Phillips, Joshua Leavitt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Bethel A.M.E. Church Indianapolis & San Francisco, Bethel A.M.E. Church Reading Pennsylvania, St. Johns Episcopal Church Cleveland, and First African Baptist Church Savannah Georgia.

Underground Railroad Descedants traditional family reunions "Canadian Labour Day" weekend at Buxton, Ontario, Canada.

Children of the Dream
Underground Railroad Descedants Legacy

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